Splatter Ahead

As this late January day struggles into the world gray and squalling, I put aside time to take measure.

In only a few minutes (for there’s much creating to be done) and only in broad strokes (for details are often so boring when they’re not your own), I will share my inches, grams, writing joules with you, my readers.

Toss them out of the window if you wish, perhaps they will sprout a lovely umbrella tree one day, or horde them in your pocket with your lint, hoping one will be worth something someday. I offer them only as folly to you.

If you wish to look closer and risk peeking a glance at a woman frantic to find some financial traction of her very own making, feel free. I won’t blush or cover my madness more than Queen’s etiquette dictates. I am an open book albeit with its printing badly blurred.

 And so we begin…


Ok, as you can no doubt tell, I’ve been writing this morning. I’ve got creative juices throbbing everywhere. That bit up there, think of it as just as an unintended splatter on your day, one for which I apologize wholeheartedly. I include it only to demonstrate how messy and unattended my writing process can be. It’s a lot like a fire. Once you start it, you have very little control over what parts of your life it will burn… Of course, that could only be me. I am on medication, you know. Lol

Update on my “Not Quite Shakespeare” short story: After extensive, back-breaking pruning yesterday (I cut it from 2K down to 200 words at one bitter point), I have slowly pieced it back together. Right now, as of noon, I’ve got it up to 900 words I’m actually quite happy about.

Yeah, that’s only 2,600 words to go for the anthology deadline tonight… Go ahead, join me in a mad giggle.

Like I said yesterday, I realize I’m not going to get it done in time for the anthology. But (one of my favorite words *grins*), I have found that my “Not Quite Shakespeare” story could also fit in with another Dreamspinner Press Call for Submission…



2014 Daily Dose – A Story a Day in the Month of June

 Edited by Tricia Kristufek and Shannon Shell

Dreamspinner Press is seeking romantic short stories featuring physical and/or emotional hurt/comfort themes with happy or promising endings.

Submission Deadline: Feb. 1, 2014

Please note early deadline. Contract offers will be made by Feb. 20.

Publication Date: June 2014

Daily Dose story length: 5,000 – 18,000 words

Manuscripts shorter or longer will be considered but will have to be extraordinary.

Follow general Submission Guidelines for instructions and formatting.

Send all submissions to shannon@dreamspinnerpress.com. List the anthology title in the subject line of your e-mail. Ex: MENDED anthology submission


Admittedly, the story will have to be 1,500 words longer but I will have almost another week to get it done.

And as for my upcoming “Lion & Steed” series with Ravenous Romance, I’m way ahead of schedule on the first book I’ve only got another 10k to go for the March 15 deadline, and most of that is just tying scenes together and adding the gratuitous sex we all love. Both of which should fly out of my fingers (and after 14 novels, practice makes speedy, you know lol). So, there’ll be no real guilt in taking another week to dabble at Dreamspinner.

And there you have it. My current writing inches, grams and joules. I believe I’ve measured them pretty accurately. I should be able to do this. Of course, I’ll be dragging all of you along for what promises to be a bumpy ride. Hope you brought your sick bag. See? I’ve got mine…

Found at the Virtual Air Sickness Bag Museum... http://www.airsicknessbags.com/
Found at the Virtual Air Sickness Bag Museum… http://www.airsicknessbags.com/


So, we’ll say this plan is a “Go!” and that the Ticker to Madness has been extended to 5k with a Feb. 1 deadline.

I’ll update again tonight as to my progress. And hopefully there will be no more unexpected splattering of creative juices all over you, but, alas dear friends, I can make no promises.


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