Compunction Junction

Ah, a Saturday night blog. It’s either a very sad or remarkably healthy thing. Luckily, I have neither the gumption nor the compunction tonight to care. My mind is tired, wrung dry from a good day of heavy writing. So, no splatters for you, brave souls, tonight. A spattering of long, thesaurus-born words, however, may pepper the pot.” Gumption” and “compunction,” anyone?

Let’s get right to it, then. The reason you are all here: The Ticker to Madness! Remember now that 5k is now the goal with 6 more full days of writing to go. As of 6:20pm Saturday night, I have kicked the completed (i.e. it could go to print right now and I’d be happy with it) word count up to…

2,000 !!!

Applause is, indeed, deserved. Thankfully my puppy is a sucker for a good word count, so applause I am getting in slobbery spades.

As for the storyline, I’ve reverted back to my initial idea (you know, the one that suddenly had the Crimean War climbing out of its ass?). This time, however, I’m limiting my minor characters to two. I feel the setting/atmosphere is really a key to this story, so any extra words I’m saving from cutting back on my players I’m putting toward “setting the scene,” so to speak.

The scene, curious minds may want to know, is North Yorkshire, England. An American and a Brit pairing, something I’ve dabbled with before and truly enjoyed. Hopefully these two leads will turn out just as tasty… And no, still no names for them. I’ve been through several but nothing has clicked yet. So, right now it’s John Doe and William Smith (my standby dummy names).

No title, either. But I won’t worry about that until I’m done. My titles always strike me at the most unusual times… usually the middle of the night in the afterglow of a really horrific nightmare or sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. Hmm, I wonder what that says about my mental health? Lol

Until tomorrow and another Ticker to Madness…

Sleep well, my friends.


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