Reptile House

I’ve been a very dutiful writer today. No forays out my window, certainly no 1970’s British horror flicks (for which we all owe me a round of applause, don’t you think?). I even went back to work last night after my last posting and started sketching together a real, official-like outline for my short story. “Wow!” indeed.

And the goodies don’t stop there, my friends. This morning, just as dawn was peeking into my townhouse, I fleshed out said-outline. I can now say, with full confidence, that I have a point by point game plan for bringing this tale to fruition. (Yes, I’ve been at the thesaurus again. Lol). I’m all jazzed about it, a particularly jolting thing to witness in me, let me tell you.

Now, I don’t want to give away too much of the plotline, as I’m hoping all of you will have gathered your pocket change by June to see the final result of all our hard work… Notice how I’m just assuming Dreamspinner Press will jump at this story? I’m working very tenaciously at projecting a good outcome for this little venture. A new publishing house, a new or maybe broader audience, the possibilities of future, expanded opportunities, all these things I am forcing to buzz around in my head. The naysayer thoughts, my common companions, I am trying to bar from the party… Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

Anyhow, back to the outline I’ve been so ridiculously raving about today. Here’s a very general look at the shape this story is taking…

  • Opening in Robin Hood’s Bay, England
  1. FLASHBACK to the Afghanistan War / Conflict
  2. Interlude in North Yorkshire
  3. FLASHBACK to the War  
  4. Resolution off the North Sea

Of course, I’ve got some juicy meat all over my bones while all you’re getting is the carcass. Hardly fair, I know. Sorry. But since I have dragged you along on this crazy journey, I intend to yell out all important points-of-interest we pass… expect a Reptile Farm tomorrow.

So, with 5 ½ days left and 5k words as the ultimate goal, today’s first Ticker to Madness is…

                                                                            3,005 words!!!

Alright, I haven’t added a ton of wordage since the last check-in, but I’ve got an outline, ladies and gents! And that’s a huge, gargantuan (thesaurus, again) step. I hope you agree.

Until tonight’s post, let’s all keep our eyes on the road… and not on that old Stuckey’s we just passed.


“Too-many-road-trips-as-a-child” Chloe



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