Tiny, High Windows

Every writer needs a window, an escape hatch from the creative process.

Preferably this window should be high up on the wall, difficult to reach. A writer shouldn’t be able to bail on a story on a whim. A ladder should be required, or at least a chair.

In the author’s nook in my head, I have to climb up on the desk and then stand on a phone book to reach my window. A lot of shimmying and scrambling up the wall follows, until finally I’m able to squeeze my way out into the world outside. (Personally, I’m convinced my “crazy” meds are the phone book in my little scenario. Before them, jump and crawl all I wanted and I just couldn’t reach that way out… but that’s a story for a rainy day.)

Anyhow, I snuck through my window this afternoon and watched a movie. No computer, paper or pen at hand, I actually just sat and watched a movie all the way through. My brain needed the break and I figured an old horror movie would be just the distraction I craved…

I’m now considering putting bars on my window. This kind of idiotic crap I do NOT need. So, pardon me while I slip into my rather dusty movie reviewer hat. I need to purge this movie from my head before any of the stupidity takes root.


Image found at: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/punkrich/media/posters/killersmoon.jpg.html

“Killer’s Moon” was horror movie filmed in 1978 in the Lake District of England. It has apparently gained some kind of cult status, although I had never heard of this movie (and I used to be a bad horror movie aficionado back in the pre-insanity days). So I was interested in seeing this piece of cinematic history I had missed in my teen years.

Yeah, well.

This didn’t even rise to the level of trash (it wasn’t imaginative enough for that). It was simply boring, bad and so degrading to rape victims it sidled right up to the side of “sick.”

Summary: A handful of prisoners escape from a mental facility/prison. Having been pumped with LSD and other fun drugs in hopes, I guess, to make them turn the other cheek, they are really, REALLY crazy when they run across an old country inn full of a busload of stranded teenage school girls. Throw in a couple of hikers, a three-legged dog and a few horrendously filmed/acted/written rape and murder scenes and you’ve got “Killer’s Moon.”

What really pissed me off was that the filmmakers didn’t even try to make a scrap of this mess believable. We all know that these kind of movies rely on ridiculous plots but, please, can’t we try for a bit of continuity in the storyline? Example: the moderately well-developed innkeeper character simply disappears off screen less than halfway through the movie. No mention is made of her or her disappearing into thin air (she is not even missed by any character) until the credits roll when we see her dead body on the front lawn (a front lawn the characters have been running through continuously, without once stumbling upon the corpse in the middle of the yard.)

Yeah, well.

Let’s move on, shall we?

Ticker to Madness as of 7:30pm is…

2,750 words!

Not too bad considering an ill-advised trip up a phone book and out the window.

See you tomorrow, my friends!


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