This is a turnip.
This is a turnip.

Odd, this life.

This morning, as you all unfortunately witnessed, I had one of my bad spells. Yes, I like to think of it in those terms. Bad spells. As if I was Samantha on “Bewitched” and accidentally turning passersby to turnips every time I sneezed. It’s a much more delightful way to look at things, don’t you think?

Thankfully, the turnip-turning has ceased, I am back to my wonderfully witchy self.

But the odd thing is, and this has happened before, after I finished writing my whining brief to you guys, the writing for my short story suddenly blossomed. I mean, I was cooking it, honey! Major literature was shooting from these fingertips.

And not only that, a plot I’m finally happy with revealed itself with a wise-cracking, “Why the hell didn’t you think of this sooner, lady?” Fortunately, the “new” plot fits flawlessly into my “old” plot’s outline, so no changes are needed there, unfortunately…

Yeah, I’m going there. You know I am, don’t you?

I’ve had to do some, shall we say, modifications to the word count… Ok, I pruned. But before you throw your hands up at me and retreat from all further participation in this spectacle, know I only pruned a little. There was no hacking off limbs, only trimming a leaf here, an unseemly stem there.

Now, baby, this story is popping! It’s piping hot with enough angst and romance and happily-ever-afters-evenually’s to bring the coldest fish to its knees… if a fish had knees, that is.

But you get the idea. Chloe Stowe, my friends, is pumped!

And, no, I’m really not bi-polar or manic depressive. I’ve got a lot of crap going on in the workings of my brain but not that. This is just me and, as I’ve said before, the nuts in my backroom.

Ticker to Madness update: With four more days to go until the Dreamspinner Press deadline, out of the 5k words I need, I have written…

3,015 words!!

I realize that it is a 500 word drop from yesterday, but remember I pruned. Over 700 of those words are new from today, so I’m good and most importantly the story’s good.

Tomorrow, I promise not to be such a weirdo.

Again, thank you for all the follows! Keep ‘em coming, please!

Until then, stay warm and dry and happy…


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