Just add sleet. Who knew?
Just add sleet. Who knew?

Oh, you will be very proud of me tonight.

I have slaved away like the good writer bee I am and have put up a truly astounding number on our tote board. I mean, whoa, once I get done with writing this short story, I’m going to sink my teeth into bringing peace to the Middle East…

Yes, well. Delusion of grandeur over now. Please, move along.

I’ve finally got some meaty relationship work done on my two boys. They’re really starting to click in surprising ways. They’re definitely more playful with one another than I had imagined them.

John (yes, it’s still John Doe. Don’t start with me) is nowhere near as stuffy as I had first feared. I genuinely like him. His career, however, is driving me crazy. I’m still doing some tweaking with that to make sure he fits well into his doctor-pants.

Anyers is still, mostly, a beautiful mystery. And I want to keep him that way for the most part. The story is written through the viewpoint of John, so I can afford to play around with Anyers’ definition a bit. Besides who doesn’t love a man of mystery?

Speaking of mysterious gents, people are building sleet-men in my neighborhood.


Think snowmen made out of sleet, complete with a carrot nose.

Florida is weird, people. But you’ve got to love it!

Now, it’s time for the Ticker to Madness. If a drumroll was ever needed for this ridiculous tote board it is needed now! With 3 days left to sculpt a perfectly scrumptious 5k short story, as of 7:30pm, I’m up to….

4,334 words!!

Don’t spare on the skyrockets, baby! It’s time to light up the sky!…

Ok, fine.

I relent.

I’ve still got work to do… but ain’t nobody going to stop me from ripping up a sheet of paper and tossing some damn confetti in the air! *grins*

Until tomorrow…


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