A Writer’s Exhale

stockvault-female-posing110185Is there such a thing as a literary after-glow? A peaceful exhale of the world after the orgasmic release of words, every single word of a story, is over? If there is, I’m lost in it.

“Ravenscar” is complete. My short story, conceived and born in less than two weeks, has been scurried out the door to Dreamspinner Press. A cover letter (after all these years, I’m damn good at one), a two paragraph summary and a one page synopsis tagged along with it last night. Now the waiting begins… but that’s a worry for another time (tomorrow).

Today, I plan to luxuriate in the glow (hangover) from two weeks of phenomenally (stupidly) hard work. The Ticker to Madness is offline today (How will the world ever manage?).

Relaxation is the word of the day, the plan of this huge football fan on Super Bowl Sunday. There won’t be a single John Doe or Ayers Bard fucking madly in my head (now ain’t that a damn pity?). Instead, all my considerable attention (OCD here, hello?) will be on Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Wes Welker (man, don’t you love his eyes?!).

Four hours of Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN will be followed by a potentially horrid horror movie from the vaults of Netflix. Six o’clock will see me turn it over to Fox (sorry, but there’s only so much Fox I can take) where I will soak up the atmosphere of people having their childhood dreams actually come true (yes, I tear up during pre-game, but I’m on medication for that, thank you).

Four hours later, whether in defeat or victory, my second blog will come. And then the world can settle down for a long, post-Super Bowl, early February sleep.

The end.


I will go spectacularly out of my mind as I suffer through the DT’s of going off my this-must-be-done-now-now-now writing jag.

We’ll see.

Right now, my mind is as foggy as the Florida skies this morning. So I apologize if this early blog was nothing but a long-winded bit of fluff. I’ll do better tonight. Might even have a movie review for you. I know you’re waiting on bated breath for that.

Until then…


P.S.  Go Broncos!

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