“Ravenscar” by Chloe Stowe

Ladies and gentlemen, my short story entitled “Ravenscar” has just been submitted Dreamspinner Press!!!

I’m exhausted, like, totally, so this is an uber-quick update before I hit the sack, More details tomorrow when I finally crawl out of bed, ok?

The highlights:

I entitled “Ravenscar” after a place in England where the finale takes place. (I was hoping for the “Skyfall” kind of a feel with it).

John Doe crawled out of his cocoon, finally, and became Ethan Holloway. (My mother came up with Ethan plus the name of the barkeep, Kelby. It always helps to have an eager co-collaborator as a parent).

The final Ticker to Madness count is…

9,955 words!!!

The gratitude I have for each and every one of you is immeasurable… but I’ll try really hard tomorrow.

Until then, I’m sending my creature of Doubt (Leroy) on his way…


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