I'm a Denver fan. I need this.
I’m a Denver fan. I need this.

To spice things up, tonight’s blog is provided in list form. (Just for you, my lovely bullet-point freaks out there. Enjoy!)

Post-Coital thoughts on “Ravenscar” (short story submission to Dreamspinner Press)…

  • Writing it was like… going down the exotic food aisle at the grocery store and buying an ingredient you’ve never even heard of before, and having to take that ingredient back to your own kitchen and make a four course meal out of it and whatever you can find in your pantry. (Yeah, that sounded a lot more “Wow!” in my head than it did, well, here. Never mind.)
  • Put all the words in the “Ravenscar” finished product with all the leavings from my “pruning,” you’d have a nice sized novella of around 15k words. This is either very good or very bad, but I don’t know which.
  • This was the first pure m/m romance I’ve written from only one character’s point of view. I think it worked, quite well actually.
  • Crestfallen: the word I’d use to describe me if/when I get the rejection letter for this short story. (Just so everyone is aware that all the “I’m a bad ass writer” bravado here within is, while not exactly false, is forced. I think I’ve got a 50-50 shot at a victory here, folks.)
  • The idea for this story actually came from one of my “Scrying Seeds” (the little “seeds” of ideas I’ve gathered along the way; I like to give these away to my blog readers from time to time). A picture I ran across of Robin Hood’s Bay, England just demanded a story needed to be written for it. So, I did.
  • I will not obsessively check my email for a response to my submission. I will not obsessively check my email for a response to my submission. I will not…

Random thoughts on the Super Bowl while watching the Super Bowl (through the 3rd quarter)…

  • Anybody shocked that the National Anthem was actually sung by someone other than a former Fox American Idol winner? I’m floored.
  • Who told Broadway Joe he could raid my mother’s closet? Better question: Why would Broadway Joe want to raid my mother’s closet?
  • Maserati? Cool.
  • Downloaded U2’s “Invisible.” Did you? Donation to an awesome charity for everyone download, guys!… Public service announcement over. We now return to you to your blog.
  • You pay $4 million for an ad on the Super Bowl and you put up a re-run? Yes, Geico, I’m talking to you.
  • Bruno Mars… Really?
  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers… Yum, to the nth degree.
  • Can Denver get a do-over, please? Can they at least get a point?
  • Touchdown Denver! (It’s sad I’m thinking of this as a victory for my team tonight.)
  • Will McDonalds ever make a decent commercial again? Apparently, that would be a no.

Until tomorrow, (when all those tedious paragraphs will return. lol)…


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