No Picture, No Video, No Survivors: The Non-Story of North Korea

The North Korean flag.
The North Korean flag.

As a follow-up to this morning’s blog, I’d like to discuss a news story I feel has gotten shafted by all the major networks (CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News). While I believe they all reported this story, they failed to give it the blazing headlines and the talk time it truly deserved.

The UN’s report on the atrocities the North Korean government is continually and currently perpetrating on its people should be every network’s “Breaking News!”

But it’s not.

Why? I’m sure there’s lots of reasons the-powers-that-be could rattle off to us. Some of them, I’m positive, are quite valid. However, the reasons to showcase this story far outweigh the reasons against it.

While I could go into gruesome detail as to what the UN report states, I’ll leave that to the guys who do this stuff for a living. Here are several links that will give you more specific details of the murder, rape and inhumane cruelty the North Koreans are enduring every day…

These are horrors reminiscent of the Nazis. You would think that alone would demand headlines and hour-long discussion panels. It doesn’t. Here’s why, in my opinion…

There are no pictures. There is no video. In a world run by and with technology, the importance of a visual image to accompany a story can’t be understated. Apart from satellite images, we have no photographs of what these prison camps even look like. There is nothing to flash across the screen behind Brian Williams or Anderson Cooper’s head when the UN report is discussed.

Worse yet, in the case of many of these camps, there is not a single, known survivor. There is no one tell of their hell.

Mention the Holocaust to a lay person who has no direct connection to victims or perpetrators and what does that lay person’s brain immediately conjure up? The piles of the nearly skeletal dead. If there were no photographs or videos or survivor accounts of the concentration camps would they resound so loudly in our minds? I think not.

While that is a sad, sad commentary on us, it is the reason I believe the North Korean story goes so under-reported.

No pictures.

No videos.

No eyewitness, no survivor accounts.

Shouldn’t that, alone, tell us how damning the whole story must be?

Until tomorrow…


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