At 5:37pm, the Official Response on “Ravenscar” arrived…

email_1827026b…And it’s a CONTRACT OFFER!!!

We did it, everybody! “Ravenscar” is going to be acquired by Dreamspinner Press!

Shock, elation, utter giddiness… all of it is pumping through my veins this morning. I am flabbergasted and amazed… and more than a bit happy. *grins*

This was truly a group effort, and each and every one of you should be wearing a smile as big as mine this morning. Every time you read one of my blogs during the frantic, maniacal two weeks of writing the short story longshot was a “Go get ‘em, girl!” in my head.

Wow. Just freaking wow.

I’ll go into more of the details tonight as “Chloe Stowe: Full Disclosure” continues. Right now, though, I’m simply too excited to think… or to write much more than this disjointed, short but oh-so glorious blog.

One more time, this time with ecstatic arm flailing and giggles… “We did it!!!!”

Until tonight…


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