Details of a Contract Offer & Other Goodies

Now, for the details...
Now, for the details…

Now that my mind has settled down to a slightly more sustainable tic, I’d like to share the few details I have as to our (yours and mine, people… in spirit only, for now; when I clear my first $100K we’ll talk percentages, deal?) contract offer from Dreamspinner Press.

The best line, my favorite line, I quote here just to boast and preen my feathers a bit… “I would like to offer you a contract to publish Ravenscar…” Perfect. It even sounds better after you’ve spoken it aloud a couple dozen of times. *grins*


The details. I submitted “Ravenscar” to be a part of their “Mended” series of the 2014 Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose. In June (I believe), they will publish one short story a day with our “Ravenscar” being one of them. Then (and this is the part I didn’t know about), they will also sell my short story as a standalone with its own personalized “Mended” cover. Yippee!! (uh, excuse that cowgirl interlude, please… Let’s just say I’m pleased as punch!… not any better, huh? Crap.)

I will receive a digital contract in the next 2 to 3 days. After I sign, I will then get a certified PDF of the contract for my records. All financial details will be disclosed within the contract. (If it’s a straight sale with no royalties attached like in most anthology situations, I’ll be expecting anywhere from $10 to $50. But that’s only a guess from my previous short story sales in completely different venues… this isn’t about the money, folks, this is about spreading the Chloe Stowe name in the field).

After Dreamspinner receives all the contracts from all the authors in the “Mended” series, I will receive details on the publication process.

I will, of course, keep you up to date on all the details, as I’ve promised full disclosure of the writing and publishing process and you’re going to get it (lucky people, you.)

I will happily admit that today has been a basic no-go on all my other writing. I’m simply too buzzed about “Ravenscar” to focus. Tomorrow will be better.

I did, though, work on the detailed “Sicily” outline, experimenting with a few twists and turns that will add pop to Briggs and Damiano’s love story. I’ll keep you updated with that, too.

I spent most of the day, however, working on my RWA profile and signing up for the Rainbow Romance Writer’s online chapter. I’m still learning my way around RWA, but I’m finding all kinds of goodies that make me feel so professional. Lol

In an OCD check (no professional organization there, only Obsessive Compulsive Groupies like myself), I have not checked my website views for my blog since early yesterday morning! A personal best for me and an accomplishment I’m sheepishly grinning at as we speak.

Tomorrow, we’ll return back to the regular Chloe-fare.

Until then…


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