Chloe Review: “The Road”

"The Road" (2012, U.S. release)
“The Road” (2012, U.S. release)

Join me as I travel to the Philippines tonight for the foreign horror picture “The Road.”

In other words, a Chloe Review is about to happen. Take appropriate action.

The Particulars: “The Road” was filmed in Novaliches, Philippines in 2011 and released in the United States in 2012. The budget was restricted, but I could find no exact figure. English subtitles.

The Chloe Blurb: When three teenagers go missing on a lonely road outside of Manila, the case sparks memories for the police of another disappearance on the road ten years prior. How far back does this evil go?

The Players: Fine actors. I didn’t have a problem with any of them, which is sometimes the case in lower budget horror movies. They were all believable in the parts given them. Renz Valerio, who played the young boy in the second section of the movie, was particularly memorable, not necessarily for what he did but what he didn’t do. There was no overacting, a pitfall into which many would trip with such a beefy role. Also charming was Ynna Asistio as Martha, the laundry girl.

On the Plot: This was a doozy. Not so much complicated as simply intermingled to the point of incest… at least that’s the feeling the viewer is left with. The whole thing makes sense, absolutely; and the story is an interesting one, reminiscent of a certain Hitchcock classic. But the way the storyline was laid out made my head hurt. The best way to describe it is to visualize a ball of yarn being rolled. Over and over again, the same ground is covered but never the same terrain. As a writer, I see what they were doing and I was impressed that they were able to pull it off, but… I just didn’t like it. The payoff wasn’t quite worth the audience’s effort.


Plot Holes, Miscues and the Like: No spoilers here. Everyone enjoy!

After I watch a movie, I jot down all the questions the film left unanswered. Usually, there’s quite a few. But for “The Road” I had nothing. I’m not quite sure there wasn’t any though. By the end, I was so ready for the movie to be over (fatigue factor of keeping up with all that yarn), I may have just said “Ok, I get it. It works. Moving on.” The survival of one character near the end surprised me and I didn’t quite get why that happened. I’m letting that slide, however, mainly because I don’t care to watch this movie again. This one’s dark, folks.

Until tomorrow…


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