So, Godzilla destroyed my short story. Now what?

Lizard isolated on white background.I think it was rather apropos that today I saw the newest trailer for the “Godzilla” movie coming out this summer. With my “Sicily” short story lying in ruins, I felt a kind of connection with the big guy.

Today, I’ve stomped around the destruction I’ve caused to dear Briggs and Damiano’s lives, swishing my tail at the mayhem and roaring. Of course, that’s been completely unproductive, but, heck, I’m a freaking huge lizard, what else could you expect. (SIDE NOTE: I wonder if there’s a psychological condition for strongly identifying with a colossal Japanese monster road-raging all over humanity? Hmm, this will need further study. Lol)

So, while I was not writing, I was also not destroying the Statue of Liberty. Has anybody noticed how the poor girl always takes it on the chin whenever aliens attack, monsters invade or warmongers get high? Come on, guys. Can’t you pick on another chick in your utter destruction scenarios? Taking out America’s lady in green is getting a little cliché, don’t you think?

Sorry. Back to the actual point of this blog now…

If you remember, I had a nice, tidy romantic tale outlined up for my two main men: Briggs Skylar and Damiano Brasile. American writer meets Italian architect and sweet, sexy music fills the air. Simple story. Clean. Short. Crisp in tone, hot on loving.

Yeah, well. I am Chloe Stowe, after all. I’ve got to make things difficult.

The good news is that the basic story is still mostly a go. Damiano and Briggs aren’t changing, which is a very good thing because I’ve already gotten a little cuddly with the guys. In fact, the bones of the story are remaining mostly the same. They’re just being rearranged a bit to fit into a new skin.

A new skin.

I think that’s what is happening to my “Sicily” story. It’s not crumbling as much as it’s molting.

Can a story molt?

I guess we’ll see. I’ve got a magnificent new skin all lined up for this tale. I’m tucking the core of my original story into a bit larger, more melodramatic, more Chloe kind of a lining. Nothing too grandiose. No Crimean War issues as, if you remember, I had while writing “Ravenscar.” Just a covering that is a bit richer, more colorful, more emotionally charged.

Oh, yeah! It’s going to be good, baby… Just as long as Mothra keeps her distance.

Until tomorrow…


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