“Tuck Tail and Flee” Conditions Ahead

rabbits-13As March 15 creeps up with the quiet guile of an alligator through the swamp marsh, I will begin the frantic dash to the Lion & Steed: Book One deadline tomorrow.

You have been warned.

I feel it’s only fair to fess up to what you might expect of this blog in the weeks ahead. So, with full disclosure again in mind, here’s a list. Highlight as you see fit.

Quirky Humor… Admittedly, this has been an issue all along. Expect an uptick in QH, however. The occasional spikes into US (Utter Silliness) should also be prepared for. In no case should cans of Silly String be allowed to enter the picture. If such appears, tuck tail and flee.

Occasional Tolls of Depression… These should be short-lived, passing out of your site between one posting and the next. To ease the awkwardness of the situation for my readers, I will endeavor to add a song and dance number to each Down-in-the-Dumps occurrence. Feel free to laugh your socks off at this attempt, or again tuck tail and flee.

Hysteria… I’m an expert at this. Two decades of severe panic attacks has taught this girl how to freak out. Whether it will be over Word Count Issues (which will not be an issue with this novel), Time Management (i.e. “I’m never going to get this done. Career is over. Call the strait jacket crew.”), or, my personal favorite, Buyer Aversion Syndrome (i.e. “Nobody’s going to buy this. All this work and nobody’s going to buy it. Nobody.”) will be a surprise for us all. Think of it as a box of crazy. You never know what delusion you’re going to get. Tuck tail and flee also applies here.

These are only the major issues you, as my blog readers, will have to concern yourself with over the coming days. Unfortunately, Chloe Stowe Mania is hardly a science. Rules do not apply. So, if ever in doubt please… tuck tail and flee.

Until tomorrow…

Your ever gracious hostess, Chloe

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