We’re on the Clock…

timepieces-01…And the frenzy begins.

In 17 days, the first novel of my new “Lion & Steed” series for Ravenous Romance is due. Today, I begin the full assault on reaching that finish line.

The plan is simple: Prep, edit, polish and shine 3,000 words a day. Starting from the beginning, I work through everything I’ve written. Filling in the blanks, correcting continuity errors, grammar-checking the heck out of it, I buff the words up until I’d be happy to send that 3k off to Ravenous confidently, knowing I’ve done my very best.

Unfortunately, you toss some OCD tendencies and the job gets a whole lot harder than it really should be.

As I warned you yesterday, this isn’t going to be pretty. The crazy engines in my head are already revving up for today’s action. *sighs*

For all of our benefits, I’ll keep you updated on the word count progress each day. It won’t technically be another Ticker to Madness because, folks, I’m already there. Lol

First up, is the Prologue. It’s a tiny little thing of only a couple hundred words, but it sets up the entire “mystery” that leads my two main guys to meet. I’ve got the Prologue written but I need to clean it up a bit, make it crisp and biting.

In the case of this novel (the title of which I will reveal with much pomp and circumstance Saturday), the Prologue is acting not so much as an amuse-bouche for the audience but more as a stage-setter. Think scrolling story at the beginning of the Star Wars movies, or as the opening title frames of “Gone with the Wind”…


Not putting any pressure on myself there, am I? *rolls my eyes*

Of course, it’s nothing as grand as either of those two classic enterprises. It is simply a romance novel… a freaking, fantastic romance novel if I have my way.

Now, off to work!

Until tonight…


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