Jumping the Bumps

Expect Bumps in the Road.
Expect Bumps in the Road.

With 3,022 words ready to head to Ravenous Romance, I’ve got another 3k on the schedule to knock down today. It’s exciting in Chloe Stowe’s world, let me tell you. *grins*

Yesterday’s work on my short, to-the-point, brief, tiny Prologue turned out just as you might have expected… it grew.

But not to absurdity, thank goodness. It’s still under 500 words, which for me is a win. I’m really happy with it as it adds a touch of The Da Vinci Code (without the God issues) to the story. An intriguing jumping off point for a gay romance, I think. Yep, I like the Prologue. *pumps fist in the air*

I got the first 1500 words of Chapter One scrubbed and brilliantly clean. I like it, too, but since I wrote most of it nearly five months ago, a lot of the fist-pumping “Hell, yeah!” mania has dampened back down to “Good job, Chloe. Let’s move on.”

Unfortunately, that moving on directive sent me right into the same road block I’ve been facing for weeks. As you all know, I’ve been struggling with connecting scenes in Chapter One for a while. I hit another one yesterday at the 1500 mark.

Nothing major, hardly catastrophic, just a bump on the road to that finish line. But since it was late in the day when I stumbled over said-bump, I saved that challenge for this morning. I jumped ahead several chapters to clear out those last 1k words from the queue. It’s a flashback scene which exists in its own little world, so it’s a fine place to go whenever I need a break from the rigor of Route Get-It-Done-in-Order-Dammit…

Yes, well, this is how it works in my head during the scurry to the deadline. It’s amusing, to say the least.

On a final note, I’d like to brag that Taken, my second novel for Ravenous Romance, has once again entered their Top Ten Sellers the last few days. This just tickles me pink. Taken is probably my personal favorite of my novels, so far. So its unexpected leap into the Top Ten nearly four years after it was published is particularly rewarding. Yep, I’m ridiculously giddy at this, folks, and I’m liking the feeling. Lol

Expect another Ticker FROM Madness this evening. (It’s “from” madness this time since, like I’ve said, I’ve already crossed that crazy line with this one.)

Remember: Title reveal for Book One of the “Lion & Steed” is tomorrow! Somebody order the keg.

Until tonight…


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