When Putin Comes Knocking…

This is NOT Avon calling.
This is NOT Avon calling.

Friday night arrives on a chilled gust of wind from the former Soviet Union. Quick! Grab your Tom Clancy novels and buff up on your Cold War fears. This could get bleak.

Putin’s timing is either brilliant or mad. Just days after Russia holds the Olympics, Putin sends his troops in to “visit” the Ukraine. Really? That’s just cold.

Yeah, I’ve got to keep this light or I’ll start worrying, fretting and wringing my pretty little hands… and nobody wants that, right?


So, deep breath, everyone while Chloe takes a chill pill… with a shot of Scotch.

Just kidding.

Back to the tiny speck of humanity I can control.

Progress on finishing Book One of the “Lion & Steed” series (Remember, title reveal tomorrow!) went a little choppy today. I got all my words done though. See…

3,179 words

Told ya.

But, as for the orderly progression from Prologue to The End, that particularly plan was shot to hell today. I got about 500 words done on that “bump” in Chapter One I spoke of this morning, but that was it. I high-tailed it out of those bumps lickety-split and settled my editing butt down in the softest, easiest, most finished scenes I could find.

Yep, not only did I bail, I belly-flopped into a pile of fluff.

Ah! The life of a writer.

Tomorrow, I promise to be more orderly.

I promise to get at least half of my 3K done on Chapter One, alone.

I promise to barrel my way through any bumps, potholes or suspect checkpoints I come across.

I promise not to “visit” the Ukraine with my army.


Until tomorrow…


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