Beheading the Behemoth

Not anymore, baby!
Not anymore, baby!

The beast has been slain.

The behemoth has been beheaded, chopped up into little bite-sized bits and stitched back together into something freaking spectacular.

In other words, ladies and gentlemen, the infamous, oft-cursed Chapter One of Writhe is done!!!!!


The six thousand word beginning to my multi-book series is complete and I’m actually happy with it. Really, really happy with it. *giggles giddily while high-fiving my dog*

My exhaustion is beautiful. The headache I know I’ll be getting is still a few hours away and with the change in time, I’ve still got daylight left to enjoy!

Unfortunately, I’ve got nothing left for this blog.

My apologies are sincere and I will try to make it up to you tomorrow.

Before my headache arrives, I’m off to eat ice cream!

Until tomorrow…

Chloe, the woman with Chapter One of Writhe DONE!!!!

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