A Time to Follow: When Characters Lead Their Author

Don't be afraid to follow.
Don’t be afraid to follow.

Friday has eased into existence with a contented sigh. The morning doesn’t seem too concerned with the amount of work needed to be done on Writhe today, so I’ll follow the dawn’s lead.

Mellow is the word for the day.

Perhaps a Mellow Yellow is in order?

Maybe a Mellow Mushroom pizza?

This mellow crap people keep claiming about folks on Prozac is a pile of buffalo dung. Just saying. So, I’ve got to search out the mellowness wherever I can. Soda cans, pizza boxes, naïve Friday mornings…

Anyhow, I suppose work-talk is called for here.

I’ve got the first five chapters of Writhe completely done. I’m happy with them; they seem to be happy with me. So, we’re all good there.

This would be a great sign of accomplishment, I imagine, if I knew the total number of chapters in the book. Yeah, I haven’t got a clue.

As outlined, Writhe had ten chapters (which included the opening Prologue). But that was back in the days before my guys took over their own love story and schooled me on how it should be done.

Where I had planned for crisp, naughty interactions, the men wanted to take things slower, show a little of their underbellies before taking things hard.

Shocked the heck out of me.

So chapter structure is having to be rebuilt around this new character construct. (Now, doesn’t that sound professional? *lol*) Best guess on the number of chapters is currently at 14.

Thankfully, almost the entire second half of the novel is completely done. A few connector sentences here and there and that’s it. I am afraid, however, that the chainsaw might have to be fired up again. One supporting character in particular might get cut back to twig status. We’ll see.

So, mellowly I go now to see where my fantastically headstrong characters will lead their author today.

Until tonight…


2 thoughts on “A Time to Follow: When Characters Lead Their Author

  1. A distinct possibility! I know sending my characters to Time Out when they get a little out of hand is a complete waste of time. I think they had a terrible scarcity of Dr. Phil in their lives before me. *grins*


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