Calling the Cows in from Pasture

Alright, big fella. Time to come home.
Alright, big fella. Time to come home.

It’s Sunday. Writhe is due at Ravenous Romance tomorrow morning.

It’s definitely doable, people. I just can’t let my mind (i.e. nuts in the backroom of my brain) go stupid.

No panic.

That’s key.

Heck, that’s crucial.

For everyone’s sake, including my tissue-thin sanity, let’s run down what’s left to be done…

-The first 11 ½ chapters are completely done. Formatting them to the right font and spacing is all that needs to be done there. I’m planning on doing these quick jobs first thing tomorrow morning. (Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that that’s all I’ll have to do tomorrow morning beyond hitting that glorious SEND button.)

-I’ve got 3 ½ chapters to go. Yep, that means a total of 15. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a novel with so many chapters. I’ve intentionally kept the chapter lengths in Writhe down to 2,700 to 3K word counts. Usually I’ve got huge 5k chapters rolling down the assembly line. (SIDE NOTE: I’ve divided the infamous Chapter One into two. I think that works really well.)

-Last night I chopped off another 10k words. These scenes I’ll be able to refit (hopefully) into Books Two and Three, so maybe no big loss or waste of time there. But let me tell you, it hurt. One supporting character has almost disappeared entirely, but my two main guys demanded the space. Their characters are big and complex, plus being incredibly loveable. I wanted to make sure the big fellas shine.

I’ll fill you in on all the details after I get this bun in the oven… this little piggy to market… this turkey to the table… this cow back home from the pasture.


Yeah, I don’t know what that was either. Better not to comment on it.


Until tonight…



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