Tale-Spinning Supplies


Wrestling with an overgrown alligator in a vat of Crisco has got to be easier than coming up with things to blog about today.

I even thought about handing the reins over to Frank for this second Friday posting. Considering Frank is a figment of my imagination (the specter of Writhe’s imminent failure )you can just imagine how desperate things had gotten.

So, as I scrounged around in my head, trying to find anything halfway interesting to share, I realized I needed to restock the imagination. The supplies had begun to run a little slim up in the story idea stockroom.

Since neither Publix nor Target carry such tale-spinning supplies, I headed to Pinterest. This lovely depository of pictures of EVERYTHING is a regular spring of ideas. A look at my many and varied boards there proves I’m hooked.

Today, the old photographs were calling.

Not only did I answer their fervent paging, I brought some of them home with me to share with you. Yes, indeed, I am generous to a fault. *chuckles*

Anyhow, I hope these images spark something new and exciting in your imaginations. Click on the picture and it will take you to the site from which the image was originally pinned.

So, this is for all you storytellers out there. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow…


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