An Unexpected Blue

A rose from my garden this afternoon.
A rose from my garden this afternoon.

It’s blog time!

Please note the enthusiasm which isn’t false as much as it’s forced. No fault of yours, I assure you. It’s simply a spectacularly gorgeous afternoon and blogging seems to pale to the unexpected baby blue skies, the tickling breezes and the buttery yellow roses newly a bloom. (See above for one of the beauties I took in my garden while writing this post.)

*sighs as the late March wind kisses my cheek*

But it’s blog time, so here we go!

Work on Book Two of “The Lion and the Steed” series… Done.

Work on the psych ward (i.e. my short story “Sicily”)… Done.

Work on the period drama about 6 Scots-Irish brothers fighting in the American Revolution… Done.

*clears throat and approaches the bench*

“Judge, I’d like to request a side bar.” (Sorry. Clearly too much Law & Order reruns.)

I was just wondering out loud to all the friendly masses out there, what the heck am I doing trying to write the 6 brothers story?

No kidding.

What the f**k?

I’m getting a handle on the research that’s going to be required to write this thing, but I’m freaking terrified about writing in an American Revolution era voice.

I’ve just got my Brit-speak up to a publishable level and now I’m thinking about adding Late Colonial to my repertoire?

Even Frank’s got the giggles at that.

But I’m not quite ready to fallback from the front lines yet.

Balls or stupidity? You tell me.

Until tomorrow…


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