News from the Kingdom!

Sweet Carmen Pepper  (she's supposed to look like that).
Sweet Carmen Pepper
(she’s supposed to look like that).
Muskvich Heirloom Tomato.
Muskvich Heirloom Tomato.

It’s a regular smorgasbord of announcements for you this evening.

Every shape and size of goodies I’ve got tucked away in my pockets. All gaily wrapped and bedecked with satin bows, they are sure to bring a flutter to your heart and a tear to your eye…

*slaps hand across mouth and winces*

I drifted into blurb mode there for a bit.

Blurb mode, for those of you lucky enough not to be in-the-know, is the tendency to oversell everything. Care for an example? Too bad, you’re getting one anyhow. *saucily smirks as the evil plan boldly blossoms into fruition* ß ß ß EXAMPLE!!

Alright, moving on.

The announcements are several in number but their overall importance in the grand scheme of our lives is questionable at best. I share them with you, nonetheless.

I received word today from Ravenous Romance that it will be at least next week before I hear any updates on Writhe’s journey to release. *sighs* Well, at least now I know. So, the Tastes of Writhe event is going into an unplanned hiatus until next Monday. There are, after all, only 16 chapters to the book and we wouldn’t want to run out of teases before the real thing is available, would we? (Where the royal “we” came from I haven’t a clue. Apologies again.)

Two announcements down, two to go.

*nudges Frank to start the drumroll*

*the specter of imminent failure sticks his tongue out and gives Chloe the bird*

*drumroll written off; Frank banned from crumpets*

Planting season has begun in my garden!!!

This afternoon a Moskvich Heirloom Tomato and a Sweet Carmen Pepper were planted in my little backyard. I’ve been babying them in my window since February. Yesterday, they spent their first night outside, still in their little pots. Today, they finally reached home.

SIDE NOTE: The above paragraph is not an example of “blurb mode.” It is simply Chloe Stowe being Chloe Stowe. Pitiful, isn’t it? *lol*

Announcements complete. We can all go home now.

Until tomorrow…


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