The “Ravenscar” Cover

Coming June 2014!
Coming June 2014!

So, as you all are painfully aware of, I’ve been waiting on my cover for Writhe. Well, that ship has yet to come in (but I am keeping a weather eye to that horizon today). But I did receive a cover yesterday… and I love it!

“Ravenscar” will be released as part of Dreamspinner Press’ Mended Anthology in June. The above is the cover to that anthology!

It’s so classy it makes my heart sing…

Perhaps a little Sinatra?

Maybe a dash of Nat King Cole?

Ella Fitzgerald?


Or perhaps I should just shut up and enjoy the awesome cover in contemplative silence?

Yes, that would probably be best. God forbid I start to sing. Frank’s already sticking his thumbs in his ears just in case I slip into harmony. My specter of imminent failure is surprisingly fragile and takes to painful yelping at the drop of a hat. He really is an annoying bastard.


After a day off for baseball’s Opening Day, a Taste of Writhe will continue tonight. Feel free to throw the confetti now; Frank’s covered his head.

Until tonight…


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