Melodramatic Zen

S.S. Mellow
S.S. Mellow

Sitting out beside my palm tree, the gentle April wind fingering through my hair, I am content.

And you know what?

Content is a good place to be.

While I studiously ignore the giant red wasp trying to ram himself through the hinges of my back door, I will attempt to retain this level of contentment throughout this blog.

Can you feel the zen?

Alrighty then. We’re ready to ease on down the road.

If I’m looking for smooth sailing (love the mixed metaphors, don’t you? *lol*) my short story “Sicily” is probably the worst sea into which to launch my S.S. Mellow. But we’re setting this ship to that genre-compromised literary destination.

The zen’s getting a little chippy already, isn’t it?

Anyhow, I’ve actually been working on the trouble child the last couple of days. And while it still doesn’t know if it’s swinging toward super hot contemporary romance or the melodramatic free for all of historic romance, I have made considerable progress on Damiano Basile, one of the two main characters…

Damiano has changed careers!

No longer a plain old architect (sarcasm here), Damiano is now a naval architect who designs sailing yachts throughout the Mediterranean.

Even I’m impressed with this change. *chuckles*

For me, this fills up all those troublesome nooks and crannies in Damiano’s character that had been sitting there empty and bugging the crap out of me. It gives the guy the unique definition I always try to instill in each of my major characters.

Hopefully this little change will help the story decide which way it swings. I’ll keep you updated on that.

Trip on the River Zen is now complete as a big ass bumblebee keeps trying to fly up my nose.

What a freakish life I’ve got.

Until tomorrow…


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