The Non-Science of Trilogy

stockvault-hand-crib125643*houselights dim*

*Chloe walks up to the microphone, taps on it, clears throat and begins*

Trilogies are odd ducks.

*Chloe steps back from the microphone, nods once in conclusion and walks off the stage*

*houselights go back up*

I could just end this blog here and call it a day. I mean, there’s not a lot more that needs to be said on the subject.

Trilogies are weird.

But writing trilogies is even weirder.

Think about it… one + one + one = one?

Has somebody been skipping math class lately?

Novels, movies and the like are not religious entities. There are no holy trinities in the literary world. These manmade things need to fit in some concrete way.

Hence, there should be a formula.

I’m talking about a simple, straightforward “x+y+z= trilogy” with x, y and z defined clearly with examples, footnotes and possibly an addendum to reflect the ever evolving changes in the science.

Is that too much to ask?

Apparently it is.

With my “x” titled Writhe complete and eagerly awaiting release, I’ve got the “y” of “The Lion and the Steed” series beginning to bear down on me, with “z” waiting in the dugout for its turn at bat. I find myself wanting to understand the “how” of the trilogy I’m attempting to create.

While all three novels are outlined, plotted out to the nth degree and could be written with no more existential analysis required, I’m still trying to grasp the science behind the technique.

Perhaps this is why I’m on psychiatric medication?


Perhaps I’m just that annoying kid in first grade who’s always screaming “But, why?!”


Perhaps I should just stop overanalyzing this crap and just shut up and say…

Until tomorrow…


(SIDE NOTE: I apologize for this post. My brain’s sitting on empty this afternoon. Insight gauge has bottomed out at zero. All humor leaked out of my chassis hours ago. This waiting on Writhe’s release is beginning to wear this crazy girl thin. *chuckles sadly* I’ll do better tomorrow, promise.)

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