Theatricality & Tea

household-14Drumroll, if you please.

*Frank rolls his eyes*

*future crumpets are threatened*

*my specter of imminent failure folds and concedes to bang half-heartedly on his knees*

Picture: Wile E. Coyote poring over the specs of ACME’s top of the line “Roadrunner Catcher.”

Picture: Cary Grant’s aunts whispering over cups of tea and bottles of arsenic.

Picture: The Grinch spotting the antlers on the wall and then spotting poor Max on the floor.

In other words…

*the drum roll peaks*

The plotting has begun!

Yep, my Revolutionary War-era historical fiction project (“The Six Brothers”) has finally moved from research and what-if stages to the crafting of a storyline.

Apparently, this means that I’m actually going to give this thing a shot.

*gulps inelegantly*

My short story “Sicily” and Book Two of “The Lion and the Steed” series will go on as planned with the “Six Brothers” pulling up the rear… or at least it will be relegated to the tail end once I get Writhe past its release day (whenever that may be – I am not panicking, I am not panicking *lol*).

“Ravenscar”’s galley proof still sits untouched in my mailbox. My cowardly streak runs a little deeper than I initially thought. Go ahead and just stick another feather in that old guilt hat of mine. It really is a spectacularly gauche thing at this point.

So, off I go to plot!

But before I do that…

“Oh Frank, would you like some tea?”

*giggles theatrically as the credits roll*

Until tomorrow…


SIDE NOTE: The above references the movie “Arsenic & Old Lace” starring Cary Grant, in which his elderly aunts merrily go about poisoning their gentlemen callers. Hilarious movie, by the way. I highly recommend it.

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