Time for the Big Boy Pants

stockvault-chains126453Thank you for your patience with last night’s blog. I’ll try not to let that particular version of my screwiness loose on you again. *fingers crossed, chalkboard out in the trash*

As I still have not heard back from Ravenous Romance about Writhe’s release date or cover, I will have to write my publisher this afternoon and nudge.

A little nudge.

A polite nudge.

Because I really don’t mind the delay as long as I know it is going to be published sometime relatively soon. (Hopefully before Book Two of the series is ready for its own debut. Talk about awkward. While each book in “The Lion and the Steed” series stands completely on its own, even I wouldn’t want to explain that screwiness. *lol*)

As my loyal blog followers know, I don’t like to nudge.

I hate it.

Like, big time loathe it.

But I’m going to do it.

I’m going to put on my big boy pants and nudge like I’ve got sanity to spare. *grins confidently*

Part of this daring on my usually cowardly part is no doubt due to how quickly I’ve discovered the smallish publishing houses can fold.

I want to make it clear that I do NOT think Ravenous is about to close up shop. No way. But I’ve been burned before, twice actually, and my nerves about this are understandably squeamish. (Let me tell you, having your nerves puke up their guts all over your psyche is a hell of a thing to clean up. *lol*)

Ravenous Romance has been great to me. Logically I don’t have a single reason to fear the big “Sorry. We’re Closed” sign popping up in their window…

The nuts in the backroom of my mind, however, are on the brink of freaking. Well, ok, freaking out more than normal.

We can’t have that.

*my dog heartily agrees*

So, we will nudge.

Until tonight, post-nudge…


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