An Author’s Plurality

stockvault-dressforms114274Running roughshod over all my plans to tackle Book Two of “The Lion and the Steed” series today is a general sense of blah. The occasional but high-pitched  “But I don’t want to!” whine accompanying this blah-ness does not help matters either.

Diving headfirst back into characters you’re still waiting to see in actual print (Ravenous says next week, folks. So next week it is. *fingers crossed*) is troublingly hard to do.

I love Brevyn and Sam (the main characters in Writhe, Book One of “Lion & Steed”). I adore working with them and their love story practically writes itself.


I don’t know really.

*yanks hair away from head and twists painfully*

*realizes I’m looking really, really crazy doing that and stops*

*pats hair back into place and tries to explain*

Hooking back up with Sam and Brevyn before I’ve gotten any reader/sales feedback on them is a little daunting.

While I’m quite aware that authors’ who write series of books do this all the time (heck, I’ve done it before with my 5 book “Hellesgate” series), I’ve put so much pressure on myself to make this series freaking phenomenal I find myself hesitating to leap wholeheartedly into that second step without knowing if step one was a stumble or a confident stride.

I realize that’s what I’m needing here. I’ve just got to believe that I did my very best with Writhe and by doing my very best with Book Two success will be found if not financially then professionally.

Every book I write I feel as if I get better at the whole author-thing.  It’s almost like serving an apprenticeship to the author I hope one day to be…

Yeah, a little schizophrenic, that.


Anyhow, psychotic or not that’s what I’m feeling. Hopefully sharing it will help one of us.

Until tonight…

Chloe and Chloe

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