Feeling a little fragile this Easter.
Feeling a little fragile this Easter.

Happy Easter, everyone!

I’m a teensy bit jittery still from yesterday’s car accident, so forgive the rattling of the teacup as I place it back in its porcelain saucer. I’ll try not to crack anything precious.

With the second email hacking fiasco yesterday along with the bit of “excitement” on the road, are you terribly shocked to hear that I got zero work done? Oh well. It was really the least of my concerns Saturday.

I have out-of-town company coming this afternoon so I’m afraid the writing will again have to suffer. I think the smut/romance world will survive one more day without Chloe Stowe adding to the already crowded market.

In a bit of really spectacular news almost lost in the chaos of yesterday, the lead on the literary agent continues to grow stronger. The owner of the agency (the former owner of one of the publishing houses I’ve written for) told me that she is going to have her agent contact me.

I had already started to warm up the panic engines about how I was going to approach the agent. The vice versa option is completely unexpected and ridiculously welcome.

Whew. (Yes, it deserves repeating. *lol*)

Another piece of nifty news I discovered yesterday was realizing that the deadline for Book Two of “The Lion and the Steed” series isn’t until July 1, not the June 15 I had been thinking.

I’d throw another “Whew!” out at you but I hate needless redundancy. It’s so gauche. *rolls the eyes and snickers*

Tonight’s blog might be a little later than usual, but fear not it will be there. I started this “twice a day, every day” blog mania in late January and I haven’t missed a post yet. I’m enjoying the streak and priding myself in it. Breaking it is not on the agenda (barring huge Ford Explorers crashing the party.)

Enjoy this glorious Easter, my friends!

Until tonight…


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