stockvault-a-pair-of-giraffes99303To nobody’s surprise, the creative juices are still damned up in my head.

No story writing has taken place today.

Not a single, solitary word.

However (and this might be my brain’s saving grace), I have gotten considerable work done on the project package I’ll be sending to the literary agent on Monday.

Yeah, me!

(Tooting one’s own horn is an acceptable practice in a writer’s life. It is. Really.)

I have jazzed up the query letter, the synopsis and I’m currently working on perfecting the first three chapters of The Sun and the Sand Cat, my f/m Romance Thriller set in modern day West Africa. I have 40k written on the novel (about 2/3 to ¾ of the expected total word count). This is the book I had planned to use to launch my new and final pen name of Cora Douglas Sands. I think it’s good. I guess we’ll see about that.

It’s amazing how much one’s writing improves just through the process of writing. I last worked on The Sun and the Sand Cat ( last year and while I believe it was the best I’ve written up to that point, I read through it now and see how many places I can tweak it to make it just a tiny bit better.

Hopefully, all those “tiny bits” gleaned from years of writing will finally pay off. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

I am currently fighting through a headache the size and breadth of Ben Hur, so I will be keeping this short tonight.

Consider the brevity a gift from me to you.

You’re welcome.


Until tomorrow…


Acclaimed author of 17 novels (my dogs and mother adore me), World traveler (I’ve felt the Sahara Desert between my toes… still gobsmacked over the stars in the Sahara) And survivor (of three dirty-fighting gremlins named Anxiety, Panic and OCD)… My name is Chloe Stowe. Hello. If you’ve found your way here, you’ve most likely arrived on the coattails of my blog, The Words and Madness of Chloe Stowe. Started in 2012, my daily rantings now number in the thousands. Ranging from humorous to moody, poignant to absurd, these tiny tidbits of thought began as a way to get my name “out there.” It has long since morphed into an effort just to “be there” for anybody out there struggling with words or madness, like me. Quick biographical sketch of me? Nerd turned nut at nineteen. In my sophomore year at Auburn University, I was taken out at the knees by severe panic attacks. Chronic anxiety soon joined the dogpile, followed shortly by OCD tendencies. Oh, it was ugly. I eventually had to quit school and soon quit life, as well. I spent a good chunk of my 20’s not able to leave my room. Twenty years later, it’s still can get ugly in my head. Thanks to meds and doctors, however, I am able to lead a better life, now. I still can’t work outside the house, but I can live and smile and write. So, here I am. Broken, but stubbornly present. I hope my voice proves company to someone lonely out there. Thanks for reading! Chloe Stowe

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