Mob Mentality: The Frightening Side to Fuzz

Not quite this bad, but you get the picture.
Not quite this bad, but you get the picture.

I deserve an ice cream.

Chocolate chip, if you please.

I, Chloe Stowe, have actually completed the self-assigned quota of 750 words to be written on Book Two of “The Lion and the Steed” series.


(Oops, sorry, bit of the late 18th century British dialect slipped through for a sec. Pardon. Won’t happen again.)

A quick check on my website will show you that I’ve even updated my writing meter to the currently robust number of 6,250 words!

Huzzah! Huzzah!

*slaps hand firmly across mouth*

Moving on… I’ve also updated the homepage on my website, proudly showing off the cover and link to Dreamspinner’s Mended Anthology where dear-to-my-heart “Ravenscar” will be appearing next month. (You can actually preorder the anthology now. I’ve never been available for preorder before. Maybe this calls for a second scoop of that chocolate chip ice cream? *chuckles*)

For my “wedding goat” activity of the day (see yesterday’s late blog for assurance I have not finally snapped), I trimmed bushes. Three big, fuzzy bushes which had grown into one giant lump of unkemptness.

After my wizardry with the pruning shears, the one unruly lump has turned into three smaller lumps working hard on their individual self-control. (Who knew the mob mentality extended to shrubs? *lol*)

While I’m all in the trimming mood, I’m going to take a snip or two at my dog. You remember her, the furry behemoth who desperately needs to see her groomer? Well, I’ve been hacking at the general state of her over-fuzziness for a few days now…

It’s not working.

But Chloe Stowe never gives up!

The snipping will continue!


*snickers and ducks*

Until tomorrow…


(SIDE NOTE: “Huzzah” is a battle cry and a congratulatory exclamation the British were particularly fond of back in the day… and is just a fun word to say.)

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