Writer’s Cramp: Survival

stockvault-cross-bandages140142First and foremost, the news of the day is…. My dog is completely healthy!!!!

An A+ checkup has just been completed at the vet along with a way overdue grooming. She is sporting the “lithe” look this afternoon, instead of the “frumpy.”

Second big news of the day… I got word from the literary agent in New York that she will be looking over the “Chloe Stowe Package” this week and that she is “looking forward to working with me.” All positives! So hope still lives. (Before opening the message, I was all prepared to descend right down into a long and hard depression. I had packed my bags and everything. *lol*)

On the writing front, I was able to push out over 300 words this afternoon. Usually, I go pretty much brain dead when my pup is not around, so I most definitely take this as a win.

Now, following up from this morning’s post, here are Chloe’s Helpful Hints when dealing with a case of Writer’s Cramp…

1.) Cheat. When you’ve got a daily word goal to reach but you’re finding it painful just stringing more than two sentences together, steal. From yourself. Get out all your old stories that have either never made it to the publishing world, or those projects you’ve simply been toying with for years. Find a really stellar paragraph of yours and re-fit it for your current project. Word count goes up and you just might get inspired by yourself.

2.) Describe the secondary characters. Usually these folks are only present for maybe a tenth of your novel and oftentimes their descriptors are cut short. Now is the time to expand on these guys. Describe them. Go all out. Tell the reader about their teeth, their gait, the line of their shoulders, the scent of their shampoo. Go heavy on it. Later, you can make the cuts and keep only the really excellent stuff. But today, you’ll have your word count nicely boosted.

3.) Delve into the sets. I’m talking the food, the view out the window, the sway of the old couch, the annoying tick-tick-tick of the clock. Add a few descriptive sentences here and there throughout the story. Make it relevant by pointing out things only that unique character would have noticed. It’s really kind of fun to get into your guys’ heads this way. Plus, up goes the word ticker.

While these are by no means a cure to the dreaded Writer’s Cramp, I hope these suggestions do help as you suffer through it.

Good luck!

Until tomorrow…


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