Celebrate the Fire

Don't pull it just yet.
Don’t pull it just yet.

A 3 ½ year old burst into my life this afternoon, giving his aunt a huge, wonderful surprise of a run around the yard and an “Explore” through the forest. It was exceptional fun and I could have played with him all afternoon… The fact that I am now wiped out and may be putting myself to bed by 6:00 is irrelevant. *lol*

Shockingly, even after I was essentially incapacitated by the romp, I was able to pack in a fresh 750 words into Book Two of “The Lion and the Steed” series.

Literariness was flowing!

It was popping!

It was sizzling and sparking!

A three-alarm fire was going down right there on my pen and paper…

Ok, well, you get the picture.

Days of such word-ish fire have to be appreciated, celebrated and well-marked on the calendar… especially when a bout of Writer’s Cramp is still nearer than entirely comfortable in one’s rearview mirror.

Speaking of relatively monumental moments, with today’s work Book Two has jumped over the 10K mark!

I always feel a little rush of accomplishment once I get those first 10K down on paper. At that point, you can almost see a novel taking shape. Think of it as the writer’s equivalent of a parent seeing that first healthy ultrasound of their kid-to-be.

It’s marvelous.

Speaking of which, have a marvelous night!

Until tomorrow…


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