Shadow Puppets of King Lear -or- A Creepy Take on Blogging

stockvault-shadow-of-a-sitting-person98721Ahh! A morning of a day in which farm tools should have no part in my life. How glorious!

As I gratefully return to my life as a wielder of words instead of grubbing hoes, I am happy (although late) to report that my website ( has just topped 2,000 visitors this year!

In a literary market which oftentimes reminds one more of the popularity angst in high school than anything else, I will take my 2k visitors and celebrate like the varsity squad quarterback just asked me to Homecoming.

(The fact that my high school had no football team and that I was at best a mere afterthought in most classmates’ minds we will not address here. Sour grapes are not welcome in this house this morning. No siree bob. *lol*)

Sometimes writing this blog day in and day out seems almost useless, like staging a shadow puppet production of King Lear every night just on the off chance somebody peeks into my window.

This is no reflection on you.

It’s all on me.

So, when a milestone like 2,000 visitors to my website has been reached, it’s kind of like finding a growing set of footprints in the mud outside my window with a couple of “Bravo’s” carved into the shutters.

Somebody indeed has been watching… and that somebody has liked what they saw and brought friends along to share.

Admittedly, this all sounds incredibly creepy now that I see it sitting here on the screen but I think you get the picture. *lol*

So, as long as you keep taking a peek into my life, I’ll keep throwing those Shakespearian shadows on the wall.

Until tonight…


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