“Old Blood & Guts Stowe”… A Cautionary Interlude

stockvault-soldiers125377Good Saturday afternoon, world at large! I hope it’s been a fine one for each and every one of you.

Mine has been stupendous as I’ve welcomed my new Civic back into the Chloe-fold. After four weeks of being put back together again with two shiny new doors, new fenders, new whatevers (sorry, car-idiot, here), my car is back and shining in my driveway!

I drove it past the Ford Explorer down the block that took it out last month and my car held its head up high and swaggered past the big oaf without a backwards glance.

Chloe Stowe is back!

Surprisingly, I even put all my nervous, waiting-for-my-car energy to good use. I flew through the 750 words of Book Two, blowing by all my Book One insecurities mentioned this morning and hit the finished line way before noon rose in the sky.

Of course, as usually is the case with me, there is a tiny “but” in here.

But… the 750 words I wrote was completely off on a tangent I hadn’t planned on exploring until Book Three, if at all.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s good for the story, excellent character development for one of my main guys and adds a whole new dimension to the novel for the readers.

So, good news all around, right?

I’m thinking “Heck yeah! Let’s go. All writing troops double time it to this new tangent and dig in for a long haul…”

Yeah, well, there is a reason nobody’s ever put military troops under my command.

I tend to jump the gun when the excitement swells. When actual guns or storylines are involved, in particular, this leap-into-battle flaw can sometimes be a very bad idea. Old Blood & Guts Stowe is not a favorable nickname here.

So, I’m going to take this new tangent slow and easy. Send out a couple of scouts and see what my guys up front have to say…

And now that I’ve run out of faux military jargon to throw out at you, I will proudly salute you all and bark “Dismissed!”


Until tomorrow…


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