The Spooning Insight

Yep, this should do it.
Yep, this should do it.

Monday has apparently slipped through the crack beneath the front door and died in my foyer.

Until tomorrow…


Yes, I believe that would have summed up this gray, foggy, damp, sticky morning quite well, but I am a professional and will persevere in finding some kind of insight to share with you today.

Alright, “insight” may have been too strong a word.

Right now, I’m struggling not to carve my ear out of my head with a spoon. (SIDE NOTE: For further “insight” into my sinus issues see yesterday’s post.)

I am able to report that I am officially halfway done writing Writhe’s sequel. The erstwhile Book Two of “The Lion and the Steed” series is coming along swimmingly (SIDE NOTE: The last sentence can be termed either as optimism or b.s. depending on the reader’s inclination. I, myself, like to identify it as speculative fantasy. *smirks*)

In all honesty, however, it is going better. The story is finally showing up on paper the way I’ve been seeing it in my head all these months. As you writers know, that is always a pleasant, satisfying sensation (kind of like eating chocolate chip ice cream after a day of grueling manual labor.)

As for the Six Brothers project (Revolutionary War era, mainstream romance, currently in the outlining stage), I am still waiting to hear back from my literary agent as to her suggestions on length and heat level. I really don’t want to do much more on it until I’ve decided firmly on those parameters. (Yeah, who know writing really was a science?)

Ok, I think that’s all I can scrape out of my head this morning. Hopefully something was either useful (doubtful) or somewhat entertaining (a girl can always hope).

Until tomorrow…


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