More than a Glancing Blow of the Extraordinary

never-stop-dreaming-red-partsWith the dastardly Blogger’s Block behind me (returned to its shadows, no doubt, to await the next the innocent blogger to skip merrily by), I come to you this morning with an admission of guilt…

I took yesterday off.

*the world gasps*

*a drama queen in the second row faints*

For the first time since January, I didn’t do a lick of writing beyond the blog. Now, there have been plenty of days where I haven’t managed to write a word, but I’ve always tried or at least worked on the plot or researched or… well, you get the picture.

Yesterday? Nada. Not a darn thing did I do toward my writing career.

Perhaps this wouldn’t be quite so alarming if I didn’t have a July 1 deadline peering at me over the next hilltop. But sometimes health takes precedence over storytelling.

*section 13B storms out of the auditorium, mortally offended*

As I mentioned a few days ago, I will be seeing a new doctor this afternoon. While my panic disorder is on an even keel right now, I figured it was the perfect time to see if there wasn’t something more I could do to make my life a little bit more “normal.”

“Normal,” I do realize, is a construct that exists nowhere but in each of our own imaginations.

There is no “normal” and the world is a far better place because of it.


A part of me (a silly, silly, childish speck of me) still yearns for it. Just for a touch of it, a glancing blow of the ordinary, perhaps just to remind me how extraordinary being extraordinary truly is… (That last bit right there? That would be my latent although often chatty self-pride kicking in. *lol*)

So, I decided to take yesterday off and just breathe for a few hours to help me prepare for today.


But I’m extraordinary, what else would you expect?


Until tomorrow…


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