Stick Shift Days

gear stick (shallow DoF)You owe me.

You really, really do.

I have decided not to bore you (i.e. scare you; i.e. worry you; i.e. gross you out) by recounting the gruesome animal sacrifice (i.e. tiny dead albino frog splayed out on a rock in my flower bed with a gazillion bugs gorging themselves on its corpse.) I stumbled upon this weekend.

Nobody needs that image in their head.

You’re welcome.


Ok, sorry, but it was remarkably icky and creepy and, well, YUCK!

*shivers down to me corpuscles*

Alright, enough of that (in fact, could somebody please scrape the image from my corneas, please?)

We are here to discuss writing. So here we go…

I bought the “Scrivener” software this weekend. For those of you not in the know (like me before Saturday), Scrivener is a writing tool for authors. While it does have a word processor, its main objective is to serve as a gathering spot for all your scraps of ideas, mountains of research and countless working drafts.

It really is amazing (although it does take some getting used to… like driving a stick shift after years of automatic). For me who likes to write via the “giant mosh pile of unconnected scenes” method, it is great for arranging little snippets of creativity into one cohesive whole.

I am loving it!

All three of my in-progress novels are getting moved there. However, this is a frustratingly slow process because of the stick shift virgin at the wheel *lol*.

Yesterday, after getting my work for Ravenous Romance done, I made some fantastic progress on getting the “Six Brothers” (Revolutionary War-era mainstream romance) ready for its big outline premier. I’m thinking it could be stepping out on stage by the end of the week (to my literary agent’s sheer delight.)

Ok, I think I’ve done enough yapping at you for today (i.e. I feel like I’m blabbering like a self-absorbed fool, at this point).

Until tomorrow…

Chloe (i.e. The YUCK! Girl)

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