Book Toes

...times, like, a 100k.
…times, like, a 100k.

Somebody smack a gold star on my forehead and give me a “Bravo!”

*silence descends eerily on the blog auditorium*

Ok, so no takers.

*shuffles feet, scratches back of neck*

Well, this is awkward.

Shall we just move on?

*a smattering of applause drowned out by some guy shouting, “Hey, lady, I was promised beer!”*

Apparently my choice of seat-fillers (a la the Academy Awards) could use improvement. Sorry.

*beer-guy is escorted out at the behest of my dog’s teeth*

Alrighty-then, back to the gold star and the reason for it.

Along with meeting Book Two’s word count quota by 2pm yesterday, I also got the first 5 chapters of the Six Brothers project outlined!!

Yes, the monstrously long Revolutionary War-era, mainstream romance my literary agent is so anxious for me to get to work on has officially been given bones…. Admittedly, only a few bones (think the spine, a possible knee and a couple of toes), but every skeleton has to start somewhere, right?

Seriously though, I’ve never attempted to write something as long as this (my agent wants me to aim for 70-100k). Figuring out how to structure something this monstrous (twice the normal size of a Chloe Stowe novel) has proven to be quite challenging.

Thankfully, I’ve definitely got the story for it. The plot can handle it without being stretched thin, and there’s enough “stuff” that happens at regular intervals to keep the readers reading… I hope.

In truth, this is all so new to me that I feel like a kid at Christmas given a 100k piece LEGO set with a note from Santa that reads simply, “Build something grand.”

*pauses, rethinks what was just said and winces*

Now I feel like I’ve got my relationship with Santa hanging on this Six Brothers thing.

I need a drink.

Hmm, where did that beer-guy go?


Until tomorrow…


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