Crossing that First Finish Line

The proverbial horse.
The proverbial horse.

The outline for “The Six Brothers” manuscript is complete!!

Shall I say it again?

The outline for “The Six Brothers” manuscript is done, fini, wrapped up and ready to head to the synopsis stage!! I’m still pulling confetti out of my hair this morning…

*dog stares at me with her “You are such a liar” face*

Ok, in actuality, I’m still fighting off the headache I gave myself nailing this sucker down but you get the idea.

Twenty-one chapters encompassing 100k planned-for words are sitting all nice and tidy in Scrivener (and in other places; I’m not stupid, I’ve backed this baby up on every platform known to mankind *lol*).

Although, knowing my current writing trend of short, 2-3K sections, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the book turn into 40 or more chapters. We’ll see how the books flows when I actually start putting the story down into pretty, readable words.

The point is: I’ve got all of my planned-for storylines nicely weaved together into a coherent plot that is equal parts Romance, Drama and Historical Intrigue…

And I’ve got enough characters to choke the proverbial horse.

*chuckles a little nervously*

As I’ve said before, I’ve never done anything this BIG before. It’s a handful but I’m hoping it has just enough breadth and heft to appeal to agent, publishing house and (most importantly) the readers.


I’m done…

And as you can so plainly see there’s not an ounce of creativity left in this ol’ girl this morning. So, I apologize for the rather unimaginative blog. I’m creatively pooped.

I’ll do better tomorrow, this ol’ girl promises.

Until tomorrow…


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