The Synopsis Tussle

stockvault-chocolate138839It’s never a good sign when Chloe’s popping chocolate before she’s popping her morning Prozac.

Fair warning.

I, my dears, have a big headache (either that or someone tried to lobotomize me in my sleep and failed spectacularly).

However, I and my left frontal lobe (which feels like a giant, throbbing bruise with a nasty case of carpet burn) will soldier on and try to post something approximating an informative blog.

You’re welcome.


My apologies, for those of you hoping for a day off from me. Better luck next time. *smirks*

As Writhe’s sequel (a book that will have its official title announced here on July 1) is still going swimmingly (i.e. shockingly) well at the moment, I have been able to concentrate half of my writing hours to, you guessed it, my Six Brothers project… I’d perform a happy dance here if one side of my brain wasn’t trying to outflank the other side for the Ibuprofen I swallowed two hours ago.

Since, as reported yesterday, I have completed the detailed 21 chapter outline for my Revolutionary Way-era romance/drama, I have begun the task of writing the novel’s synopsis.

Yeah, I know. Yuck.

While most of the time an author waits to write the one to five page synopsis until after the book is finished, I want to get my literary agent’s opinion on its structure and storyline choices before I begin. (Hey, I’ve never had a literary agent before so I’m planning on using Tish’s expertise as much as I can.)

What I’m finding hardest to do with the synopsis is deciding who is the major character of the story. Stupid, right?

I think I’ve spread out the storyline evenly over three of the six brothers (the other three bros playing major supporting roles). Of course, with these chosen three protagonists come their “better” halves, women who play an equally starring role in the drama.

So, who do I choose as chief protagonist?

Can an entire family unit be deemed the main character?

The answer to both questions is: I don’t know.


But I am working on it and will hopefully have a better answer later today. (I want to have the synopsis finished by Monday.) I’ll keep you updated.

Now, get on with your Saturdays, good people. Have spectacular ones!

Until tomorrow…


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