Please, Proceed to the Nearest Exit

stockvault-fire-exit---sign156602Monday, it seems, has dragged itself up on my doorstep and collapsed into an ungainly heap of blah.

Rifling through the crumpled pile of gray muck, I fail to find a single scrap of creativity.

There are nightmare leavings…

Brightly colored anxieties…

A few seeds of depression (which I quickly toss far, far away)…

And the usual muted hopes for the extraordinary to finally arrive and sweep me out of the quicksand that is my life.

*a heavy silence falls*

*several in the audience glance left and right and then left again for that darn emergency exit*

*an old man whispers to his wife, “I told you we shouldn’t have come, Ma. The crazies live here.”*

*the erstwhile blogger sighs and then sheepishly apologizes…*

Got caught up in a bit of my own mental crap for a moment there.

Won’t happen again.

The good news coming out of this little foray into the gray is that there actually are a couple of pockets of imagination hiding in this Monday. Meaningful, useful work might get done today, after all.

Speaking of work…

Got another 615 to do on Writhe’s sequel this morning. Remember, I will reveal the title to Book Two of “The Lion and the Steed” series tomorrow!

*another silence falls*

*the erstwhile blogger ignores it, carries on obliviously…*

In other equally exciting news, I have decided to forgo writing an official synopsis for my “Six Brothers” project.

Even though progress was made on the troublesome thing yesterday, it wasn’t enough to warrant my continued attention. Instead, I will simply spiff up my chapter outline and send that to my literary agent for her opinion.

Once that spiffing is done, I will then turn my post-Book Two writing attention back to The Sun and the Sand Cat (mainstream Romance Thriller set in modern day Africa, ¾ complete). I’d like to try to get that finished sometime in August.

Apologies again for the quicksand crap up there. But, unfortunately, that kind of b.s. comes with the Chloe.

Until tomorrow…


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