Perchance to Punish

*the lump of blankets on the couch moves, grumbles incoherently and yawns*

*a rat nest of mussed hair pops out of an afghan fold, your blogger’s eyes eventually follows*

*a scowl is born*

Nightmares are crap.

Unmitigated clusterf**ks of filth.

*your blogger retreats back under the covers*

*muffled, unclear but insistent, the voice continues to grouch…*

I’m thinking the five hour long, marathon bad, bad, BAD dream I had last night is punishment for yesterday’s work…  Well, I suppose “work” is a bit of an overstatement.  I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

I settled down in front of my computer with the intent to put a hurting on Book Three. Knocking down the 500 words I didn’t knock down the day before was at the tip top of my agenda. It was. Really.

*a guilty clearing of your blogger’s throat rumbles from deep beneath the blankets*

*the sheepish confession follows…*

I researched instead.

The research was on Book Three, however, so at least I aimed my folly in the correct direction.

Yep, punishment.

My mind knew I should have been cranking out actual words rather than needlessly investigating atmosphere/history/scenery.

Someday I’ll learn my lesson.

*snickers into the afghan*

Until tomorrow…


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