Please, No Pictures

For a lass who makes her living spinning words into pictures, I am an oddly visual gal.

Case in point #1:

I got the cover for Pound yesterday afternoon and my excitement for its release (which had been lagging, I must admit… quarterly royalty checks that struggle to stay above the 3-digit line do tend to drag even the most optimistic soul down) soared back into the heavens.

The cover is awesome, so through my screwed up logic the writing inside could actually be pretty awesome too.

*dog shakes her head and looks pitifully upon me*

Yes, well, I never claimed an overabundance of sanity here.

Case in point #2:

I spent well over an hour last night scouring through Pinterest for accompanying shots to my British Isles bound Book Three.

See, I’ve always got this vision in my head of how my locales look. But it’s like I don’t quite trust myself enough to paint what’s simply in my head onto the paper.

I need some visual support.

So, inevitably I spend hour upon hour trying to find that perfect set of images to accompany the writing of a novel.

All fine and dandy if I actually ended up using any of the pictures in said-writing.

But I don’t.

After finding them I set them aside and return to the photographs only when the novel is in the publisher’s hands. It’s like when you’d turn in a test at school and immediately rush outside to your notes to either confirm or damn your efforts.

*dog drops a stuffed duck at my feet and slowly backs away*

*blogger sighs hardily*

Despite what my dog thinks, my eccentricity is NOT catching. So, please no trinkets (bribes, payoffs, etc.)in hoping I don’t turn my Odd-Eye on you.

I won’t.

I’ll be too busy obsessively searching for pictures to bother.


Until tomorrow…


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