No Helmets Allowed


Waylaid by a total lack of disinterest by my creative side…

Clogged like a cat with hairball issues…

The failure of my imagination to put in a decent showing on today’s blog can be explained away with any and all of the above.

Of course that doesn’t help you one bit, now does it?

You’re still stuck here.

I’m still stuck here.

Shall we all raise a pitiful sigh as one?

Yeah, not feeling that either.

Would it be terribly wrong of me to concede? To surrender outright to Blog Clog and throw in the proverbial white flag?

Well, let’s be pitiably cowardly and try it, shall we?

We’ll all meet back here tomorrow morning and commiserate on our joint failings?…

Or we could, of course, just scrape today’s stain of a blog from our memories altogether and start fresh on the morrow? A little purposeful amnesia might be delightful in this case.

Yep, I say we aim for a brain injury and call it a day.

Until tomorrow…


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