Temptation on the Rocks

No DivingOh, it was calling to me.

Like a Siren perched on sharp, unforgiving rocks, it sang to me.

Blindly, I followed.

Forsaking the outline, the carefully scripted word count, the characters’ bleak whines for attention, I dove into the treacherously calm-looking waters and swam.

For a time, for a blink of an eye, it was glorious!

Cool, cool waters enveloped me, wrapping my overheating mind in its numbing chill…

*stuffed duck hits blogger squarely on the nose and squeaks*

*dog with the freakish aim and an affinity for squawking plush toys stares accusingly at the fool at the keyboard and sighs*

*the blogger caves like a Florida sinkhole*


So be it.

In words not nearly as colorful or as dramatic as my Siren on the rocks thing, here’s what happened.

Yesterday while working on my daily 700 word quota, I sort of, maybe, kind of for a tee-tiny while got caught up in…


Needless research.

As in: a simple fact check on Google accidentally/unintentionally/not-my-fault bled into an hour of research I will most likely never, ever use.

Oh, it really was glorious though!

Following leads, tracking down footnotes, expanding on trivial tidbits like a big, goofy nerd, I could have easily spent the whole day in my researching frenzy.

But I didn’t.

I pulled myself out after a lone hour.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a substantial victory in my OCD-tendency world.

And while it probably didn’t require the Siren on the rocks thing, this little win needed to be noted.

So with that duly noted, the dog, the squeaking stuffed duck and I leave you to your day.

Until tomorrow…


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