stockvault-forgotten107386Running behind before the sun has even cleared the horizon is not good. I’d even call it a case of royal crap if I wasn’t trying to retain a spot of genteelness for the day.

*sighs, breathes deeply, rushes on…*

I’m just going to lay the truth out there:  I’ve got nothing for you today.

No inner turnings of a crazy yet (somehow) very published writer’s mind to share.

No great spates of wisdom wrapped in utter corniness to impart.

No breaking news on the word count wars.

No tussles with specters of imminent failure to report.  (Where the heck is Frank, by the way?)

I’ve got nothing but my presence.

I am here.


The daily blog rumbles, stumbles, grumbles on just like it has for every single day since the end of January. (Hello OCD. My name is Chloe.)

All kidding aside, I do hope my presence does count for something in the grand, screwed-up, marvelous scheme of things, because that’s all I have got for you today.

So, trusting that is the case, may I say…  “Good morning! Despite my irreverent fussing, it truly is a blessing to see each and every one of you today. Have a phenomenal Friday!”

Until tomorrow (when true usefulness will hopefully return)…


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