The Vengeful Tick-Tick-Tick

stockvault-clock158912Red faced, out of breath, with a frightful cross-hatch of pillow wrinkles marring the visage, I am here.

I’m also late.

Real late.

Sorry about that.

Of course, no one in the whole world will notice this lateness other than me (the OCDed nut who bucked routine and slept in for an extra 2 hours this morning… the OCDed nut who is currently paying for her flagrant flicking off of the world order with a bellyful of screaming nerves.)

So, as I’m writing this post I am fighting the constant, over-riding need to check the clock every half-tick.


No exaggeration there, unfortunately.

Occasionally, for brief spurts of heavenly time, I almost forget about the general FUBAR state of my brain. Almost.

Well, it’s all nice and clear this morning, streaming in Technicolor and Dolby surround sound.

I’m a nut.

A nut with pillow wrinkles.

Thought I’d share.

Continue on with your day.


*checks the clock*


Until tomorrow…


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